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Maintained skiing tracks 0/330 km

Illuminated tracks 0/38 km

Slopes open 0/63

Winter walking and biking trails 0/100 km

Marked snowshoe trails 0/43

Natural snow 0 cm

Snowmobile routes 0/410 km

Salad chisel
Salad chisel

Our History in Äkäslompolo

The birth of the Seita Holiday Resort dates back to 1947, when Anja and Eeverti Kurkkio moved to Äkäslompolo. The over forty kilometre long journey from Muusa in Kittilä wended its way over swamps, fells and rivers to reach the village of Äkäslompolo, with little 18 month old Markku travelling on his father's back. Everyone arrived safely and settled down to build a house. The family house was built in the autumn of 1950. People from Helsinki had already found their way to the wide landscapes of Äkäslompolo and Ylläs, and a group of skiers training for the Oslo Olympics chose Äkäslompolo as their winter training camp. And it happened that these guests were the first to spend the night at the family home that Anja and Eeverti had just finished, trying it out even before the owners themselves.

The skiing training was quite advanced for its time - as was our business. The inn rooms built by the first generation still remind us of the early days. The Seita Hotel, the Seita Cabins, the smoke sauna and the Seita hut have all grown around them.

Seita today

The Seita Holiday Resort of today meets all the modern requirements. And, while the infrastructure is modern, our service has the traditional essence of personal warmth.

The years have brought changes in our name: from Kurkkio Camping Inn to Resort Kurkkio, to Ylläs Vacation. The steadily increasing pace of today's world turned our gaze toward calming traditions and led us to our current name: The Seita Holiday Resort.

Seitas are large or distinctly shaped cliffs and stones that the early Sami worshipped as the dwelling places of gods or spiritual beings. Sometimes Seitas are also wood, stumps or wooden poles hacked into the earth, where the upper part has often been carved to resemble a human head.

For us, Seitas are a symbol of the local Lapland identity that is known for people you can trust, who have a great respect for tradition and nature. And let's not forget that Seitas do have a certain mystical aura to them.

The Seita spirit

The Seita spirit shines forth and is present in the cosy and close atmosphere of our company. We promise you a relaxed peacefulness, a familiar safe holiday. Your hosts are always available to help and to ensure that your holiday is a success. Our service reaches out to you as an individual. Our staff is local and have been with us for a long time now.

The delight of returning customers

Many of our customers have also become our friends. They come back to Seita year after year, many of them several times a year. It is familiar and safe, but there is always something new to discover.

Tell us your own Seita story by sending an email to info@seitahotelli.fi

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