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Maintained skiing tracks 0/330 km

Illuminated tracks 0/38 km

Slopes open 0/63

Winter walking and biking trails 0/100 km

Marked snowshoe trails 0/43

Natural snow 0 cm

Snowmobile routes 0/410 km

The wheelchair lift makes things accessible
The wheelchair lift makes things accessible

The Seita Hotel - Handicapped Accessible

While many of our guests may only need a dainty boardwalk trail through the fells, others require special devices to assist them in their daily tasks. We at the Seita Hotel start from the premise that everyone - regardless of their level of mobility - should be able to enjoy a complete holiday with us.

Freedom of movement indoors...

Our reception has a service desk for customers in wheelchairs. Eight of our rooms are suitable for the disabled but we recommend that you have an assistant with you. There is a wheelchair lift to the downstairs sauna and meeting facilities, a ramp for the swimming pool, and one side of our sauna benches has been installed lower to the floor. The hotel reception and meeting facilities are equipped with induction loops. The design of the building and the interior design, including the colours, have taken the visually impaired into account. If you need special equipments please inform about them beforehand we can try to rent them from Common Health center.


...and outdoors

Our extensive yard has an even lawn and wide, sturdy paths and lanes. Some of the nearby exercise and vantage points are also nicely suited for the disabled in summer time. The stone dust trail leading to the Äkäslompolo bird tower starts from the yard of our hotel. The route continues all the way to the Lake Kesänki shelter, which is an excellent place to take a break.  It is recommended that you have an assistant with you. It is really demanding travel with wheelchair in winter time because we have a lot of snow everywhere.

Handicapped accessible Ylläs

The Kellokas Visitor Centre on the edge of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park has a logging museum, an information centre, a Meän elämää (Our Life) permanent exhibition and opportunities to see multimedia presentations about the north. Lake Pakasaivo, also known as the Hell of Lapland, is a ravine lake that is a gorgeous sightseeing landmark in the summer.

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