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Maintained skiing tracks 0/330 km

Illuminated tracks 0/38 km

Slopes open 0/63

Winter walking and biking trails 0/100 km

Marked snowshoe trails 0/43

Natural snow 0 cm

Snowmobile routes 0/410 km

The gentle steam of the smoke sauna
The gentle steam of the smoke sauna

Our Smoke Sauna Is the Only Of Its Kind in Äkäslompolo

It takes 6 - 7 hours to heat the smoke sauna, depending on the playful moods of the weather. After three hours of warming up, the stones on the stove glow a soft red. When the glow of the coals has faded away, our sauna master takes care of the final touches to make the sauna ready for you. The sauna still needs to be aired out for an hour before it is ready for you to step in its warmth.

The gentle warmth of the steam relaxes the body and mind, easing your muscles and setting your thoughts free. It is no wonder that the Seita smoke sauna is a popular spot to visit for everyone in the Ylläs area.

The warm smoke sauna is, of course, accompanied by our heartfelt service. We set the table in the saunas comfortable and cosy fireplace room with drinks and delicacies from Lapland as requested for the occasion. The smoke sauna area is covered by our beverage licence, which due to Finnish regulations means that the catering must be agreed upon ahead of time.

The smoke sauna is an excellent way to give your employees a relaxing day, to celebrate an event or to surprise friends.

Price: Warming up the sauna 250€ + 15€ / person

The price includes towels, a dip in the lake for some winter swimming, and juice and water refreshments for your sauna experience.

Our sauna master has day off on Saturday and on holidays so please make the reservation for a weekday.

Take a relaxing soak in our outside tub

Our outdoor tub is just outside the sauna and can seat up to 8 people. Enjoy the contrast of the crispy cold air and the warm water while admiring the sky above you. If you are lucky, you may even catch the northern lights blazing across the sky with the stars twinkling around them. Warming up the tub's water takes several hours - especially in the winter, so please reserve well in advance.

Price: Warming up the tub 150€ in connection with the smoke sauna

The smoke sauna and tub experience can be combined with other hotel services, such as the hotel saunas, the swimming pool and the Sami hut (goahti), which are all available for reservation.


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