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Maintained skiing tracks 0/330 km

Illuminated tracks 0/38 km

Slopes open 0/63

Winter walking and biking trails 0/100 km

Marked snowshoe trails 0/43

Natural snow 0 cm

Snowmobile routes 0/410 km

The Seita Holiday Resort is a well-liked party venue
The Seita Holiday Resort is a well-liked party venue

Timeless Memories of Celebration at Ylläs

Celebrate with Seita... The Seita Hotel is a welcoming and cosy place to hold wedding parties, birthday celebrations and other festive events.

Our kitchen is well-known for its excellent food and can tailor your celebratory meal for your wedding. Add in the picture perfect landscapes of Lapland and a cosy cabin and you are absolutely guaranteed a festive atmosphere you will remember for years to come. We have years of experience with the organisation of celebrations of all sizes.

Fully lincensed Seita restaurant and Northern Lights restaurant have 120 client places for weddings and other celebrations. The Seita Holiday Resort not only offers a place for a celebration but also accommodation. You can also reserve Seita hut and smoke sauna for unforgettable experiences.

Our partners include the Riemuliiteri dance facility and the Pyhä Lauri (St. Lauri) chapel.

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